Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using (geeksstoreeg.com) website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. Geeks reserves the right to change the Terms of Services from time to time without notice. Any new features that augment or enhance the current Service, including the release of new tools and resources, will be effective immediately upon being posted to the website.We will notify you of any material changes to this Privacy Policy by conspicuously posting the changes on the website. Continued use of the Service after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes. You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service on this page at any time. Violation of any of the terms below will result in the termination of your account.

Account & Registration Terms

* You must provide your legal full name, a valid email address, and any other information requested in order to complete the signup process.
* Customers can only own one registered account and Geeks has the right to suspend any user with multiple accounts.
* You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and password.
* The Service disclaims any responsibility or liability to any loss or damage of any kind resulting from your failure to comply with the Service security obligations.
* You may not use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.
* If we have reason to believe that any information provided is untrue or incomplete, we reserve the right to close your account or limit your account access until such discrepancy is corrected.
* We never use data, including email addresses, for any purpose other than to provide you with the Service as well as to send you opt-in email alerts and occasional informational emails relating to the Service.
* Geeks Store has the right to ask for verification through the phone, email or at the front office to verify the account holder.
* Geeks Store might ask you for a copy of your national ID, when needed, to avoid shipment(s) held/delays in customs.
* Your National ID should be Valid.

Product Quality

* Geeks is not responsible for any defects in the products you purchase unless those defects were a direct result of international shipping or handling.
* Geeks doesn’t guarantee the quality or suitability of the products you purchase. You’re responsible for choosing the correct specifications of the products you purchase.
* You will need to read the product(s) listing carefully to make sure products that arrive match the seller’s description.
* Geeks guarantees to deliver the items in the same condition stated by the seller.

Review & Purchasing

* Your order will be purchased within 2 business days from the day of payment. We are not responsible for any price change or items going out of stock in this period.
* Purchasing quantity limitations may change according to authorities or customs regulations.
* The price you are notified with during the review process can be changed, if it gets changed after you make your payment we will notify you by email.
* Geeks does not guarantee to deliver the gifts or samples your purchase might include on the seller’s website.
* You can cancel/edit your item(s) before you pay for it, once you pay, cancellation/ edit won’t be available. It can only be canceled if we haven’t purchased it yet.
* You must know that your order will be canceled automatically after 3- 5 days in case you didn’t pay it.

Payment & Pricing

* You must make payments using only payment methods owned by you. You may not make payments using accounts owned by others. We reserve the right to close your account or limit your account access until such discrepancy is corrected.
* We reserve the right to change prices for any service provided by us without advance notice.
* Shipping costs are based on the weight of your shipments. Shipping costs will be charged according to the actual weight of your items.

* All Facebook page calculations/quotations or any other means that are affiliated with us are just estimates.


* You will have 1 year international insurance for any new laptop ordered from Amazon against manufacturing defects only.
* You will have 30 days for replacement against the factory defection, You should wait to return the device and get a new one.

* When there is a problem in your laptop, you should contact us to follow the instructions.

Shipping & Clearance

* Your shipment will be delivered in 10-20 business days after payment if it is eligiable for prime. If not then it will be delivered in 10-20 business days after we receive it from the merchant.
* Our service level starts when the shipment arrives at one of our warehouses, the period before we receive the order(s) at any of our warehouses depends on the seller, not us.
* We are not responsible for any delay may cause from the seller side while shipping your order to one of our warehouses.
* Domestic shipping fees & rates are charged by the seller and it will be added to your order after the review process.
* Some products may arrive opened/unsealed due to customs clearance and checking process.


 * Once your order is cleared from customs, we will ship it to you in 2:3 business days.
* In case of receiving a physically damaged product(s) from the shipping company, the incident should be reported within 2 days starting from the delivery date to be able to take the proper action. Reporting past this period will not be considered.
* When receiving your order from the local office, it is recommended to do a regular check on product(s) physical condition, Quantity and all the components related, reporting any issue past leaving the office will not be valid.

Discounts & Promotions
* You can apply a promotional offer to get a discount off the total price of your order. You can use a maximum of one promotional offer per order. If you use multiple promotional offers, only the offer with the maximum discount will apply to your order.
* We reserve the right to modify or cancel any offers or coupons at any time without notifying users; Geeks also has the right to cancel any purchasing order in case of abuse or misuse of the promotional codes.
* Coupons are not redeemable for cash and are valid for one time & one purchase only.

Return policy

Amazon Products

* Geeks guarantees to deliver the items in the same condition stated by the seller.
* We are responsible for delivering the product with the exact specifications you have set on the date you have ordered.

* In case you request a return, we will contact the seller upon your request regarding product exchanges or return. we will arrange for the return only if approved by the seller.  Also, we will apply the applicable return charges (Depends on the item’s weight or Dimension and the seller’s return charges).

* In case you want to have a purchased item returned to USA, you will lose (Customs, VAT, and international shipping) cost which had been paid. Also you’ll be required to pay the return fees as imposed by the seller, if any.

Note that the seller must have a return policy, otherwise we will not be able to process your return request from the start.

* In case you requested to return an item and it is returnable, the item should be unused, unwashed and unworn in its original condition and you must return it in the certain time frame you will be advised to return within.
* Sellers/Merchants policy will be considered.
Local Products
You can return any product within 14 days from delivering.

You can cancel your order before payment. But once it is paid for, it may not be cancelled if it has already been processed or shipped.

What items can’t be delivered through our?

  • We can’t deliver items that are prohibited or require special handling due to country, importing regulations.


      • Musical instruments and some of its relatives.
      • Religious books.
      • Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or other tobacco products.
      • Certain radio transmitters and cordless phones not approved for use in your country.
      • Alcohol products / beverages.
      • Gambling apparatus, lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets issued in foreign countries.
      • Products relating to the sex industry including sex toys, clothing, equipment, pornographic material and erotic publications.
      • Any religious products.


    • Controlled chemicals: including substances which are precursors or chemicals for manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances.
    • Narcotic drugs.
    • Unlicensed drugs.
    • Infectious substances.
    • Perfumes and sprays.
    • Loose lithium batteries.


    • noxious, hazardous, inflammable including perfume, LI-Batteries, Firecrackers and fireworks, explosive or Offensive weapons, sharp items such as kitchen knives and swords, Irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials or may become noxious, hazardous, inflammable, explosive or offensive or radioactive or may become liable to cause damage to any person or property whatsoever whether prescribed by laws or otherwise.
    • Imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades.
    • Ammunition and associated products.
    • Munitions of war.
    • Cigarette lighters of pistols or revolver shape.


Privacy Policy
Please also visit our Privacy Policy, It is important.